Which job position are you applying for?  

Customer Service Representative - Now Hiring!

Are you a responsible and organized individual who is looking for a full-time job? We are currently hiring a customer service represntative to help out with placing reservations and planning events for our customers. This is a very important role in our company because we help plan several special occasions every month in the Jackson metro area and would need someone who is responsible and organized to be able to handle it.

Our customer service representatives will be trained on the inflatable rental industry and the process of placing reservations. All applicants will need the following criteria:

1. Must have great customer service skills

2.  Must be proficient in Word and Excel

3. Must be proficient in basic computer skills (i.e. online search, emailing, form submission, etc.)

Delivery Personnel - Now Hiring!

Looking for a part-time weekend or weekday job with a full-time pay? We are always looking for responsible and dedicated people to deliver our fun interactive inflatable games. We have events we cater to nearly every day (with majority being on weekends) that require delivery personnel. We service the entire Jackson Metro and surrounding areas. Applicants interested in the position will need:

  • Mobile Phone.
  • Clean Driving Record. No DUI's & Reliable Transportation (All deliveries will be made in our company trucks).
  • Great customer service skills & ability to manage time.

Applicants must be willing to do heavy labor since our products tend to be around 180-250 pounds. This is a perfect job for college students or anyone who's looking to make some extra money over the weekend. Delivery experience is a plus, but all applicants will have to go through a training period at training pay from 30-90 days. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license. If selected for a interview you will be asked to take a timed physical agility test on site. Please dress casual for the interview. No flip flops. No suit or tie. Dress comfortable. Agility test will be similar to the images seen below and will involve lifting. 

Are you currently under the age of 18?  
Due to the US Department of Labor, we can not allow any one that is under the age of 18 to operate any of our vehicles or forklifts. Due to this, anyone under the age of 18 would be hired at minimum wage ($7.25 per hour). This wage could change once you turn 18 and are elibigle to be placed on our automotive insurance.  
Do you have any experience in the party rental industry?  
Do you have any experience in reception, business or sales?  
Are you currently employed somewhere?  
How many words per minute can you type?  
Have you heard of Bounce-A-Roo before?  
Have you applied for an opening within our company before?  
Were you called in for an interview?  
Are you familiar with the products we rent?  
Do you have experience working unsupervised?  
(Drivers often collect customer gratuity ranging from $5-$50 per delivery)
Would you have the capability to take the company cell phone after hours and receive customer calls? There would be compensation for doing this.  
Are you legally able to work in the U.S. ?  
Do you have reliable transportation?  
Can you work in Rain, Sleet, Snow, Freezing or Hot temperatures?  
Can you work overtime if required?  
Do you have any driving violations on your driving record?  
Have you had a DUI violation within the past 5 years?  
How would you rate your reliability and attendance at a job?
* We call on all previous employers to verify.
Would you consider yourself physically fit? Are you able to lift moderate amounts of weight?  
Do you have forklift experience?  
Do you have experience pulling and backing up a trailer behind a pickup truck?  
Are you comfortable around dogs and other pets?  
Can you pass a drug screen?  
Are you eligible for rehire from your previous employer?  
Are there any circumstances that exist or could arise that would keep you from performing your job duties?  
What days are you available to work?  

- DO NOT call our sales office to check on the status of a position. (Doing so may eliminate your employment eligibility)
- You will be contacted for an interview if accepted.