Voucher Information

Thank you for your interest in our low cost Fixin' Feline program. This program is designed to help low income families. Applicants for low cost services are required to provide proof of eligibility. Funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee (Contract Term D.10). Simply fill out this short form and submit your documentation. 
After receiving your information we will send you a conformation with the name and address of the clinic available to do your cat's spay or neuter.  You will have 2 weeks to set up your appointment and have the surgery performed before your space will be given away.
The voucher is $16 and includes includes pre-operative examination by a veterinarian, spay/neuter surgery & rabies vaccination.  You pay the $16 when you pick up your pet from the veterinarian. 

Please click on the submit button after completing this form.  It takes 2 - 3 days to process your information.  If you do not get a response afterr 3 days - please email us at fixmypetclarksville@gmail.com.
Thank you
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