2019 Florida Literacy Conference Call for Presenters

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Please note, sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Please plan your presentation accordingly. 

Primary Presenter:  (The primary presenter will be responsible for communicating information between the conference staff and the co-presenter(s).  If there will be more than one co-presenter or panelists, please provide this information for all presenters participating.)

Please indicate whether or not you plan on attending the conference. *

Co-Presenter Information
Please indicate whether or not the co-presenter plans on attending the conference.

Topic Area, Format and AV Needs

Please indicate which days and times you would prefer to have your session. We will try to accommodate your preference. 
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Equipment Needed (LCD projector, screen, flip chart, markers and tape will be provided in each room)

Conference Presenter Agreement

By submitting a proposal, I agree that if selected, all presenters, co-presenters and facilitators:

  1. Will be responsible for all costs related to transportation, room and board.
  2. If presenting ONLY, and not attending sessions, the registration form must be completed but no registration fee will apply. I understand that presenters will not be admitted to other conference events without appropriate name badge.
  3. If I/we plan to participate in other conference sessions or events, I/we must register for the conference and pay the appropriate fees. See registration form for rates.
  4. Will be responsible for furnishing handouts in the quantity needed for workshop sessions.
  5. Commercial vendors must be exhibitors to be eligible to present.