Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations Membership Application

We would like to thank you for your interest in joining the Middle Georgia Paranormal family!

We are always looking to have new team members! However, there is a process that each new candidate goes through. First, you must follow the link below to fill out an application. Secondly, if your application is selected we will meet with you and do a simple interview. This interview will consist of standard questions about "why you are interested in the paranormal" and "why you would like to be involved with M.G.P.I". From that point, you will work with the team on a "mock" investigation. This is aimed to see how you work with the other members on the team. The successful completion of this process will result in the acceptance to the M.G.P.I team as an investigator in-training; which will be preceded with the accompaniment   to our investigations.

 I would like to caution you however, this is a field that takes a large amount of dedication. We do not get paid for what we do, and you will be responsible for purchasing some items needed for paranormal investigating. Also keep in mind, that while doing an investigation is fun the evidence review can be a very time consuming process. For example, IF we have four recorders running for five hours that is twenty hours of evidence to review. The task of evidence review is split among the team, but you have to be dedicated to reviewing your portion of the evidence on your own, in a timely fashion.

Concluding, remember we are ALWAYS looking for new members. None of this information is intended turn you away from joining our group. I would, however, like for you to have an accurate and clear understanding of the type of work we do and how dedication is an absolute necessity. No team member can be "made" to have this type of dedication; it has to be something within each person.
Our group prides itself in:

Scientific Skepticism

These are characteristics that every applicant must possess to become a permanence within the team. We have a great team! Each person is very passionate and dedicated to what we do. We are in this group together and we are friends. 

Thank you for your interest!

Shannon Ray

(Founder and Director of M.G.P.I)


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Thank you for applying to be part of the Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations!
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