PDX Adult Soap Box Derby 2017 Team Application

20th Annual
PDX Adult Soapbox Derby
Race Rules and Registration Info.
Race Date: Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Place: Mt. Tabor Park, SE Portland, Oregon
Time: 10am – 4pm
Website: www.soapboxracer.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PDXsoapboxracer/
Contact info:
Racer Info: racer@soapboxracer.com
Volunteer Info: volunteer@soapboxracer.com
Sponsorship/Food Truck Info: partner@soapboxracer.com

(A) Required Meetings
1. Volunteer Safety Meeting: Each team must provide an all-day volunteer and will be considered a part of your team. One member from each team must attend a volunteer meeting. It is best if the volunteer is present at the meeting but any member of the team will do.
Volunteer Meetings: Please choose one meeting to attend.
Where: Mt. Tabor Park in "The Pits"
When: TBT
2. Racer Safety Meeting: At least one member from each team must attend a racer meeting. It is best if more than one member is present so everyone is clear on the rules and safety.
Racer Meetings: Please choose one Racer Meeting to attend.
Where: Mt. Tabor in "The Pits"
Sunday, August 6th, 2017 @ 3pm
Monday, August 7th, 2017 @ 6pm
3. Brush Clean Up
Every year we do an invasive brush clean up a week or two before the derby. Date and time will be upon coordinating with the Bureau of Environmental Services and will be announced to all teams. This is essential to spectator viewing and safety. Not to mention it helps Mt. Tabor Park. We love our mountain and our extra work helps us lock in a race the following year. Anyone willing to help is welcome.
(B) Application Deadline is Friday, April 14th, 2017 at midnight

1. Teams with completed pre-registration will be invited to the "first come first serve" racer registration on Saturday, April 22nd. Location and time TBD. Your team number will be drawn from a hat. After the positions are filled we will form a waiting list of alternate teams. Don’t worry, several teams from the alternate list are called to race each year.
(C) Registration Day
1. There is a non-refundable $200 entrance fee due upon registration via cash or check.
2. Team or Car Name changes must be updated by registration day. No changes will be accepted after April 22nd.
3. Teams invited to the final registration and end up on the waiting list will be notified if a spot opens up. Your $200 entrance fee must be received in a timely manner to secure your team’s slot, or your slot will be given to the next qualifying team.
(D) Derby Rules
1. All efforts must be made to avoid contact with other cars while underway. Intentional bumping/rubbing is prohibited. Malicious contact may warrant a DQ.
2. All members of your team must be at least 21 years of age including your volunteer
3. Each team can have up to 5 members including your pusher.
4. There must be at least one member from your team in your pit stall at all times. The Pit Boss will come by your stall once to call you up for your next race. If you miss your call and not queued up on time your team will not race that heat.
5. If your team misses a heat, a time of 3 minutes will be entered for your team for that heat.
6. Each team gets a 10yd push at the start by one designated pusher. If your designated pusher steps over the start line, you will be disqualified from entering your time for that heat.
7. If your gravity car is not free rolling by the time you hit the “Redline”, located approximately 150 ft. from the Finish Line, (distance is up to the race officials), your car will be disqualified. A timely race is essential. 
8. Each car can have a maximum of 3 people race in your car. Your pusher can not race if pushing for that heat. No one can jump in the car after the race has started.
9. No music, horns, water cannons, contact with any other cars, or any disruptive activates will be allowed in the 10yd push zone.
10. Liquid water is the only acceptable weapon allowed after the 10yd push zone. Balloons are accepted. The 10yd push zone pavement must remain dry to allow fair starts.
11. No pyrotechnics, fire, fireworks, candy, ice, soapy water or anything that can cause a dangerous track may be thrown from your car at any time while on the track and racing –or- in the pits.
12. None of that James Bond horseshit. No smoke, chalk, mirror or vision dimming hijinx. We aren't super-villains, and we know where you're going, so no super-spy crap.
13. Each team will race at least 3 heats. Scoring will average your bracketed best 2 of 3 times to qualify you for pre-lims.
14. Each team must have a designated sober driver and remain that way until your team is finished racing.
15. Each team is expected to clean up after themselves. Pack out all waste!
16. Each person racing in a car must have a helmet securely attached to his/her head. A full face helmet is recommended but not required.
17. Each team member including your pusher and volunteer must sign a liability waiver on race day. Participate at your own risk.
18. Each team will be given a ballot to vote for their favorite nominees in whichever catagories are provided. This is a community event and prize winners are chosen by this community of racers. Vote dammit! 
I have read, understand and agree to the registration process and the wait list policy. *
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