Welcome to the first-ever Portland's All-Ages Shoebox Derby Sign-ups

2020 Shoebox Racer Packet
Rules & Specifications
100% of the profits will go to our sponsors in need during this crazy time. PDX Adult Soapbox Derby has been supported by our sponsors for over 20 years. With your help and participation, we are giving back in 2020.
Livestream Details:
Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Free to watch (subscribe or follow to be sure you get updates)
Places to watch:
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Contact info:
Racer Info- email Dawn: racer@soapboxracer.com
Volunteer Info- email Darcie: volunteer@soapboxracer.com
Sponsorship Info- email Jeanne: partner@soapboxracer.com
Live Streaming & PR- email Jason: pr@soapboxracer.com
Guidelines of your gravity car:
*We reserve the right to make car specifications or rule changes at anytime
No Pinewood Derby Cars or parts, please. Let's see what you've got Portland, and get creative!
Specifications of your car:
1. Maximum Width including Wheels: 7" (seven inches)
2. Minimum Width including Wheels: 4" (four inches)
3. Maximum Length: 9" (nine inches)
4. Minimum Length: 5" (five inches)
5. Height (tall): 8" (eight inches)
6. UPDATED! Weight: Maximum 3 lbs (three pounds)
7. Minimum of 3 wheels (three wheels)
After our test runs we have increased the weight limit to 3 lbs.
1. 3 (three) wheels must be in contact with the track at all times.
2. No remote steering.
3. Gravity Powered ONLY.
4. Your Car Number must be placed on each side of your car. Half Dollar size is suggested. (you will be emailed your car number by our racer coordinater, Dawn, once you complete your registration)
The budget allowed to spend on your car is $50.00. We'd like to keep our race at a reasonable budget to enhance creativity.
As of now, other than the specifications above, the sky is the limit on your creativity! We welcome everyone to participate in this one of kind, fundraiser, Shoebox Race.
Some quick Track Specs
13 foot tall start
136 feet of track length
Including "Blood Alley" and our "Learning Curve"
PAASD Awards Breakdown
Lame Duck: (Voted by Track Crew) The car that defied gravity!
Crowd Favorite: (Voted by Viewers Choice) Bells and whistles get attention!
Best Engineering: (Voted by the Pit Crew) 2020 vision will spot the best of the best!
Best Art Car: (Voted by Viewers Choice) Wild and Crazy gets the crowd going ballistic!
Science/Speed: (Final Winner) Race your fellow speedsters and reign the mini-Mt.Tabor!
Younger Racers Awards: ages 5-9, 10-14 and 15-18
Young racers will become our future Portland Adult Soapbox Racers and carry on the legacy!

PDX Shoebox Derby Racer Information

Please fill out the racer info below. Remember this is an All-Ages Race, please keep it clean! Our Adult Derby will return in 2021, save all those ideas and we will see you on Mt. Tabor when we circle the sun just one more time.
Registration for this years race is now closed. We have left this form open for information purposes. Please follow us on Facebook and or our YouTube channel listed above and watch our live-stream on August 15th.
Racer Catagory defined
Science/Speed Category:
This category will race against each other for qualifications and will be timed.
Art Car Category:
The fun and wacky with all of the creativity of PDX will provide an exciting virtual race!
Each entry will receive:
One - Entry to race
One - First-ever PDX All-ages Shoebox Derby (PAASD) iron-on PATCH!
Two - First-ever PAASD STICKERS!
Each car will need to be delivered or mailed to Derby Headquarters by July 31st, 2020. We need this time to test, photograph and list your car online for voting. You will receive details via email after signing up.
Send your car, not your team. Due to social distancing, no racers will be present at this year's race, but there will be a virtual pits to join. This year is an All live-streamed event.
Photos were taken and Sponsored by Jason DeSomer Photography!
Check out the link below
More 2019 DeSomer Derby Photos
(PAASD) PDX All-ages Shoebox Derby
Thank you for your support!