ISEC Auditorium Technical Event Information

Event Management

This form it to request Event Management staff to provide technical support at your event in the ISEC Auditorium. It is a good option if you would like someone to be present for the entire event, and events with setups that require multiple microphones, multiple medias, streaming, or live music.

Pricing for our support is variable depending on the needs of your event. For an in-person event (no streaming/video conferencing), the cost is $320 (for 4 hours) and $80 per hour for each additional hour. For a hybrid event (in-person plus streaming/video conferencing), the cost is $480 (for 4 hours) minimum and $120 per hour for each additional hour.  

Please submit this form as soon as possible (preferably four weeks before the event) to begin the process of logistical coordination.  We will always try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee staffing for requests within 2 weeks of an event. If you would like to cancel your request, please do so within 2 weeks of your event or you will be charged for staffing fees.  Also please make sure your times are correct before 2 weeks prior to your event, as our staff is locked in at 2 weeks and our staffing charges will be locked in as well.

Once this form is completed, someone from our team will reach out to you to finalize your event details.  

If you have any questions regarding the technical specifications of the ISEC Auditorium, please reach out to Jamie Walker,


This form is not for reserving the ISEC Auditorium, it is only for use AFTER you have secured your reservation.  If you have not reserved your reservation, please go here:

ISEC Auditorium Technical Request Form


Client Information

A/V Information

What visual equipment will you need?
Please note that there is Resident PC available for use within the built-in podium in ISEC.
* Please note that the VTC platform available is BlueJeans for Videoconferencing only. Livetream and recording services require an outside vendor. * 

Building Services Information