Facility Reservation Form

In order to move forward with the reservation process, you should complete this form as soon as possible (preferably four weeks before the event), as it helps us better understand the nature of your event. Failure to complete this form may result in forfeit of your reservation. 
Please Read the Facility Reservation Policy Prior to Submitting a Request.
I have read and understood the policy.

**** Student Organizations use the Cabral Center Mon-Thurs from 6PM-9PM ****
If you choose to decline this space, please alert the Office of Events as soon as possible, by emailing ReserveAAI@neu.edu, because in many cases, there is a waiting list for event dates. All Cancellations must be made 3 (three) business days before event date. Failure to notify the Office of Events of a cancellation will result in the lost of facility rental deposit as stated in the Facility Reservation Policy. So please let the Office of Events know as soon as possible if you will not be using the space.





If YES, please contact Conference and Events Planning regarding a contract and insurance.
Phone Number : (617) 373-5136
If YES, a performance contract must be signed with Conference and Events planning. 
If NO, please contact Public Safety Division


If you have setup requirements you will also need to submit a work-order with facilities https://workrequest.neu.edu/FAWorkRequestForm.aspx   - At the site you can submit a setup request for your event, by selecting “Event Setup” under Category and “Other”; under Type, you can then proceed to type out the details of your request on the facilities page in the blank comment box.


If you would like to get an IS specialist onsite to manage your event in addition to the staff that Event Management will be providing, please indicate here: *

If yes, the IS department is responsible for managing technical systems on campus.  Information on reserving an IS specialist for your event, including rates, is located here: ITS Event Support

Depending on the nature of this event and the level of A/V support required, Event Management may require staff to assist with this event to make sure the event runs smoothly; the average cost of service is $50/hour. Costs will vary depending on the length and complexity of the event. If there are concerns with staffing charges, please consult your Event Management contact.

What visual equipment will you need?
You must bring its VGA adaptor if you’re bringing a Mac to hook up to a projector.

What audio equipment will you need?
Handheld Lapel
Wireless Microphone
*Please note that there are only 5 tansmitters available for wireless microphones, the total amount of wireless handheld and lapel microhpones shouldn't exceed the amount of 5 transmitters.


Rebecca’s Catering is the primary onsite catering service for the university, handling all of the catering duties, including tablecloths, for all Event Management Venues.  To initiate a request or access more information on food and linen prices please call 617-373-2479.


If cash is being handled, an NUPD detail is required at your department's expense.

I agree to adhere to the Facility Reservation Policy, all University Regulations, and the laws of the Commonwealth Massachusetts.  *