Pre-Approval Form - East Village 17th Floor Event Space

Located on the top floor of the new East Village Residence Hall, the 17th Floor Event Space has been designated a premier event space on Northeastern's campus. The event space will be maintained for leadership level, Board, signature and external events. The staffing and support will be framed to maintain the venue in pristine condition and manage production level event staging and technological support.

This space can hold 168-210 in a banquet-style layout, and up to 324 in lecture portrait-style layout.


The reservation policy for all groups outside of the BoT:

  • Requests for use of the space must have senior leadership level approval prior to being requested
  • All requests will then be reviewed by Student Affairs leadership
  • All reservations, bookings, and execution of events will be managed through Student Affairs Event Management
  • Student Affairs Event Management will assist with the coordination of Facilities and ITS support
  • Members of the requestor’s dedicated professional staff must be present for all events
  • There is a flat fee of $3,500 to use the space for a minimum of 4 hours, with a rate of $280/hr. for every additional hour. 
  • Please note that the fee is per day for multi-day events.

Outline of Booking Process:

1.  Requestor fills out the form below and submits

2. Upon hitting "submit" the form is automatically forwarded to Student Affairs leadership for review.  Student Affairs leadership will notify requestor of the decision and availability of the space.

3. Once an event has been approved, this short form will be forwarded to Event Management who will contact the event coordinator and coordinate with Facilities/ITS/etc.


The flat fee is $3,500 for a minimum of 4 hours for use of this space, with a rate of $280/hr. for every additional hour. 

  • As a general overview, this fee includes:
    • All staffing (event managers, event ushers, coat room attendants, elevator attendants, technical assistants, facilities superintendents and cleaning staff)
    • Building Services setup and breakdown
    • Housekeeping services for all 17th floor spaces (conference rooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Fee does not include:
    • Rentals from external vendors (e.g. special chairs/tables or audiovisual equipment not supplied in-house)
    • Third-party technical services or associated equipment
    • Police detail
    • Catering
    • Signage
    • Parking
    • Staffing for deliveries, pickups, setups, and breakdowns that happen on a different day than the event.


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