I-20 Copy Request for H1B Filing (ONLY)

This form is only for individuals currently in the process of applying for an H1B visa, and who need a copy of an old I-20. If you are not applying for H1B and need a copy of an old I-20, then please contact the ISSI at issi@neu.edu.
Name and U.S. Local Address Information

I-20 Request Details

* If you are requesting a copy of a co-op I-20, please specify the name of employer and dates of CPT/work authorization (approximate).
calendar calendar
calendar calendar
calendar calendar

I-20 Collection

If we are able to obtain copies of your old I-20(s), How do you want to collect them? *

Shipping Address or Shipping Label (if necessary)


Confirmation of Information

Before you can submit your information to the International Student and Scholar Institute you must check the button to confirm that you have entered all information accurately.

There is no guarantee that the ISSI will be able to provide a copy of all requested documents, as it is the sole responsibility of the student to keep these records.

Please be aware that processing takes five business days.