J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Clearance Form

You must complete this form before your scheduled J-1 Exchange Visitor Clearance at the ISSI.
1. This form requires information from your I-94 admission number, which you will only receive upon arrival to the United States. You will not be able to complete this form if you are currently outside of the United States.
When you have completed the form, you must then report to your scheduled J-1 Exchange Visitor Clearance session at the ISSI. Filling out this form does not substitute for attendance! You must also bring our DS-2019 to your scheduled J-1 Exchange Visitor Clearance session to have it signed by an ISSI advisor. 
You must enter information next to each Item that has an asterisk * next to it. If it does not have an asterisk, then you do not need to supply information to complete this form.

Personal Information

Please type your name, just as it appears on your Northeastern DS-2019, into the boxes below.

Emergency Contact Information

I-94 Card Information

*All J-1 Scholars must retrieve their I-94 numbers online (if you do not have a paper-based I-94 card in your passport), You must PRINT it OUT in hard copy and BRING it to the ISSI J-1 Immigration Clearance Session.

I-94 Retrieval:


If "Not Found":
CBP Contact: 

Boston, Massachusetts

Mailing address:
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
500 Terminal E
Logan International Airport
Boston, MA 02128

Reporting Address:
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Logan International Airport
Terminal E, Lower Level, Room 500
Boston, MA 02128

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Monday -Thursday

(617) 568-1810



Other hints to use in searching online when you cannot find your I-94 numbers:

- If you have multiple names: try eliminating the space, or truncating the last few letters.

- Try using all lower case letters.

- If you use a Mexican passport, try eliminating the first two digits of the passport number (used to indicate year).  This will not work for all Mexican passports.


Passport and Visa Information


Address in Boston area

Please enter the address where you are now living. DO NOT enter Northeastern University's address of 360 Huntington Avenue, or you will be asked to complete the Form again with a legitimate address.

Statement of Compliance

* Indicates Response Required