J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Clearance Form

Personal Information

You must complete this form before your attend the J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Clearance at OGS.
This form requires information from your I-94 arrival/departure record, which you will only receive upon arrival to the United States. You will not be able to complete this form if you are currently outside of the United States.
After you complete this form, you will be still required to register and attend J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Clearance session at OGS.
You can find available sessions and register for a session from OGS website.
Please enter your name, just as it appears on your Northeastern DS-2019, into the boxes below.

I-94 Information

All J-1 Scholars must retrieve their I-94 record online, unless you have a paper based I-94 card in your passport. You must print out your I-94 and bring it to the Clearance Session.

Hints to use in searching online when I-94 record is not found:

-If you have multiple names: try eliminating the space, or truncating the last few letters.

-Try using all lower case letters.

-If you use a Mexican passport, try eliminating the first two digits of the passport number (used to indicate year).  This will not work for all Mexican passports.

If your I-94 record shows "Not Found", please refer to this page.

Address in Boston area

Please enter the address where you are now living (even if temporarily). DO NOT enter Northeastern University's address of 360 Huntington Avenue, or you will be asked to complete the Form again.

Statement of Compliance

In order to submit all of your information to help you prepare for Immigration Clearance, you must read the Statement of Compliance below and check the button at the bottom of the text to confirm that you read and agree to the statement.


1. I will update the OGS of any changes in my U.S. address within 10 days of moving via Online Local Address Update Form in the OGS website.

2. I will follow university policies and federal regulations that apply to out of country activities and will apply for the OGS authorization in a timely manner.

3. I will not accept any employment or reimbursement (on- or off-campus) unless it is authorized in advance by the OGS and/or USCIS.

4. If approved by school officials, I will file the request to extend my form DS-2019 at least two weeks in advance BEFORE the end date listed on my current form DS-2019.

5. I will keep my passport valid at all times.

6. I pledge to maintain medical insurance meeting federal requirements for myself, and for any accompanying dependents, throughout the entire duration of my J program.

7. I will submit the request for travel signature, if necessary, at least one week before leaving the U.S. for a trip overseas.

8. I will leave the U.S. within 30 days after my completion date, unless I have legally extended my stay in the U.S.

10. It is my responsibility to make copies of my immigration documents (passport, visa, DS-2019s) in case of loss or theft. The university suggests uploading copies of documents to the myFiles storage area that is accessible through the MyNEU account.

11. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to maintain lawful J-1 exchange visitor status and remain informed about changes in federal regulations and SEVIS policies via the OGS website.