Academic Classroom Reservation Request Form

Read the following before completing this form!
Student organizations should complete this form
to request the reservation of academic classroom space
within the following limits**: up to 3 rooms for up to 3 days
or the weekly, bimonthly, or monthly reservation of a single room.
Please only use this form if you're already tried booking space through NUSSO and/or the Scheduling Desk, you know that your group is too large for CSI spaces, OR you know that the space that you want is only booked through the Registrar form.
Provide as much flexibility as possible
when selecting possible locations for your reservations;
 the more flexibility you provide,
the more likely your request will be successfully accommodated.
**Requests of greater scope must be coordinated
through your organization's program manager
*This form is ONLY for CSI-recognized student groups. Faculty/staff can request classroom space directly through myNEU by clicking on "Academic Classroom Scheduling" under "Services and Links"
I understand the information presented above and am now clicking here... *
Did you already try booking space through NUSSO and/or the Scheduling Desk? *

Personal Information

You must be listed as the President, Treasurer, or Scheduling Coordinator on OrgSync to book rooms. Your request will be denied if you do not have this designation.
Is your group fully recognized through CSI? * 🛈

Request Type

Room Capacities & Set-ups

Please note: All academic classrooms are a fixed set-up in either classroom (tables & chairs) or lecture (just chairs). Altering the set-up is not allowed. Dance rehearsals are not allowed in academic classrooms. 

Dates & Times

If your first choice is unavailable, what other days of the week work for your meeting? *

Possible Locations

The more possible locations you choose, the more likely your request can be accommodated.
Select all of the following buildings that would work for your request. If your selected buildings are not available, a next-best option will be assigned. *

Be mindful that you may be scheduled adjancent to classes that are in session.
Please indicate whether or not the activities you're planning for your requested spaces
might disturb such neighboring classes.
If so, every effort will be made to accommodate your request
in rooms isolated from classes in session.

External Participation

Select all of the following who will be involved in the activities associated with your reservation. *

Additional Considerations

Terms & Conditions

Form submissions pass through the Center for Student Involvement's Scheduling Office for identity verification but are ultimately forwarded to the Registrar's Office for request processing.  Rooms assigned reflect the BEST OPTION based on availability - you may not necessarily be assigned a room exactly as requested, but it is the best option CSI Scheduling Desk staff is able to find.  

Requests for a given semester cannot be processed until that semester's class schedule has been finalized, usually a month before the start of that semester.   

Food is not allowed in any academic classroom space.    

All academic classrooms with a capacity of 30 or greater come equipped with built-in A/V capabilities. 

To learn about a particular room's A/V, visit;follow the "myKnowledge" link in the "Self Service" tab; log in and search for your room in the search box.     

If you have questions or concerns about any of this, please reach out to CSI Scheduling: 617-373-2632,*