NIU Honors/Alumni Association Externship Program Application

Based on NIU’s Career Cluster model, which of the following industries is currently of greatest interest to you? * 🛈

For assistance visit O*Net and find the job you are most interested in pursuing after graduation. In O*Net, review the "summary report" for the job of greatest interest to you. If you have not decided on a particular career, you can also visit the "what can I do with my major?" webpage provided by Career Services.

By signing below, you agree that if selected for the Honors Externship program you will be prepared to commit a week of time in Jan.6-10, 2020 to participate in this immersive process.

You agree to be placed with an organization match based on your provided information and based on employer participation and understand that though all efforts are made to optimize matching, your final placement may not be in direct alignment with all of your stated goals/interests.

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