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Non-academic Interpreter Request Policy

The DRC is available to assist with scheduling and coordinating interpreting services for departments and organizations under the following guidelines:

  • Reasonable prior notice is required (preferably two weeks prior to the event)
  • Two interpreters (also identified as an “interpreting team”) may be necessary for appointments that are more than one (1) hour long and/or involve particularly challenging/sensitive material. Having an interpreting team present prevents repetitive motion injuries (such as carpal tunnel) and maintains the integrity of the message interpreted by preventing mental fatigue.
  • If you have any materials that would be useful for the interpreter(s) please arrange to lend such materials in advance. (Example: schedule of events, PowerPoints, scripts, etc.)
  • If the event is cancelled within less than two (2) full business days’ notice, you will be billed for the scheduled services.
  • If the individual requiring service does not show up for the event, the interpreter(s) will wait fifteen (15) minutes for the participant(s) to arrive before leaving and the department will be billed for the full event.
  • Most events will be billed starting at a two (2) hour minimum and every quarter (¼) hour after.
  • The cost of interpreting services is $45/hour per interpreter. The cost of CART services is $75/hour per captioner.