Research Assistantship Agreement

Full-time Research Assistants are required to work 12 hours per week for 12 weeks during the semester in exchange for a one-fourth tuition waiver (which does not include fees).

Appointments starting after the second week of classes will have the tuition waiver prorated. The tuition waiver may be cancelled or prorated, at any time, for non-performance of duties or inadequate work.

Note that tuition waivers granted by the College of Law affect a student’s financial aid budget. If the student who is chosen to be a Research Assistant has already received a refund for the fall semester, his or her account will be considered an "over award," and the student’s refund for the spring semester will be decreased by the amount of the "over award."

If the student is already set to receive a tuition waiver—including a tuition waiver for being a graduate assistant, military benefits or other benefits that will reduce tuition—he or she must disclose these benefits.

To Be Completed By The Student

Excluding the tuition waiver from the research assistantship I have been offered, I am set to receive the following tuition reduction/waiver benefit(s) during the [pipe:44] academic year:
Fall semester
Spring semester
I certify that I, [pipe:8], am the person completing this form and the information presented is correct to the best of my knowledge. (Please add your initials to sign/certify.) *
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