Application for Reference from Priest of the Parish.

Applicants who are seeking a reference from a priest of the parish in order to show involvement in their faith community or to meet the eligibility criteria for different positions advertised in Parishes, Archdiocese, or for School positions within Brisbane Catholic Education schools and colleges including Ecumenical schools or other Christian education establishments.

Please note: To save any embarrassment for all the parties; the Parish priest is required by the Archdiocese of Brisbane to give a reference strictly based on the most accurate and honest knowledge he has, as to the extent the applicant is a participating member of the Catholic faith community. The more information you can give us as to this, the more helpful this will be. Please understand that naturally the priest is unable to give a reference if he has little or no information on the person, or if the applicant does not have any involvement in the areas mentioned above.

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I attend weekend Mass in the parish: Weekly • Monthly • On special occasions: Christmas, Easter • Never: • Other. Please describe fully: *
Please tick any or all of these sacraments that you have received: - Baptism (catholic) - Baptism (In another Christian Church) - Confirmation - First Holy Communion - Marriage within the Catholic Church *
If you have any children, have they participated in the sacramental program within this or another parish: *
Please list any and all ministries and activities you are involved in, in this particular Church community: *
Are you a registered member of this parish (having filled out a Parish Registration Card): *

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. We need this information in order to give honest and full consideration to your request for a reference. We do apologise in advance to anyone who was not able to provide much information in some of these areas, as I am sure you will understand that we can only give a reference in terms of involvement in the church community. Even for people who are well-known and deeply involved in the life of the parish, we wish to give a full acknoweldgement to all the areas of participation and involvement. This form is extremely helpful in that regard. Many thanks.