Funeral Preparation Form

Please note that this form can be used to prepare for a funeral of a person who is deceased, and it can also be used to prepare for a presently living person who wants to have their choices and options noted in advance. Wherever the form asks for information about the "nominee/ deceased" it is asking information about the person you are planning/pre-planning a funeral for

Please select the most accurate answer for why you are filling out this form *
Please select which type this application is:
Please select one of the following options: (If there are very few people who are familiar with a Mass/Eucharist, it is recommended that a prayer service be conducted instead). *
Location: (Please note that funerals at Surfers Paradise Church are normally conducted at the Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters, due to logistical issues). *
Please select one of the following choices for your Funeral Directors (local) *

Choices for the actual Funeral ceremony

Entrance hymn choices. (Please note that since this is a Christian/church service, the suitability of the music needs to reflect the occasion. Please confirm with the priest if in doubt). *
First Reading from the bible: (this must be reading from the Holy Bible, and cannot be replaced with a non-biblical text). *
Gospel Passage (for the Priest to read out). 
PSALM: (sung) *
Please choose a Gospel passage for the Priest to the readout. *
If you have selected a Funeral Mass (with the communion, the blessing of the bread and the wine), then please choose a suitable Thanksgiving reflection:
Final (recessional) exit hymn: *
For Returned services personnel only: Was the nominee/deceased a Returned Services person. Would you like an RSL tribute as part of the funeral ceremony? (Please note, this option is subject to the conditions and eligibility criterion and availability of the service as set down by the RSL).
Please choose tick all prayers of Intercession(s) you would like to read out, and you can also add your own at the end. *
Where there is a graveside commital planned, Would you like the Priest to invite people to attend this, or is it just a private ceremony
Would you like the Priest to announce a gathering for refreshments for after the funeral, at a specified location. If so, please write where you are proposing to have the refreshments. *

Please write here any further instructions, notes or questions:

A note for those who are filling out this form as an advanced preparation for themselves. When you complete this form and receive an email back, please print this form out take it to your nominated funeral director, and also leave a copy with your next of kin and a copy in the place you leave all your important documents. You can also leave a copy of this with your will, but sometimes this is only seen after the funeral so, please ensure your wishes are communicated to all the necessary people in advance.