Maybe you're sick in bed in your dorm room. Or, maybe you're miles away, at home...
worried sick about someone sick in bed in their dorm room.
At Penn Hillel, we believe in Jewish self-authorship, in pluralism, and in tikkun olam. We also believe that nothing compares the healing powers of homemade chicken soup. It's our pleasure to provide the Jewish Penn-icillin (get it...Penn?) that students need for a speedy recovery! 
Jewish Penn-icilin delivers kosher soup to sick students at no cost. If you’re feeling sick, or if you know someone who is feeling sick, you may fill out the form below to place your soup order. Note that soup arrives frozen (that's how we keep it ready for you at any time!) with instructions on how to heat it up. 

Soup will be available Monday-Thursday 11am - 5pm, and Friday 11am - 3pm. We will do our best to deliver the soup within a 24 hour business window of the order. If the student does not return our emails or phone calls, we will try to contact the individual who has placed the order; however, we will be unable to deliver the soup if we cannot connect with either party. *Note: We are unable to offer the soup Friday evening through Sunday evening, on Jewish or University/National Holidays, or during the summer.

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We hope you will please consider making an optional donation to Penn Hillel to ensure that we can continue to deliver Jewish Penn-icillin to students in times of need. Thank you in advance for your generosity!
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