Help Support Falk Dining Staff at Penn Hillel!

Dear Penn Hillel Family, 

While we are all being challenged to adapt in light of COVID-19, we are as invested as ever in our relationships, as they so meaningfully define our values at Penn Hillel. We are deeply concerned to hear about the 140 dining workers at Penn that were laid off with no financial support. We are worried for the physical and emotional wellbeing of these hardworking staff members, who will face serious financial hardships as a result of this decision. In particular, our hearts are breaking for the staff of Falk Dining Commons, who take such wonderful care of us every day. The members of the Falk Dining staff, many of whom have been at Hillel for over a decade, work tirelessly to provide delicious and nourishing food, always served with a warm smile, feeding our bellies and our souls.

To the Staff of Falk Dining, our message is clear: You are our family and we are here for you. We want to support you and advocate for you in any way we can. We have been receiving calls nonstop from students, telling us how much they care about you and asking how they can help.

To that end, we have opened a link for the community to support the Falk Dining Staff. Any amount will help a great deal. The funds collected through this site by Penn Hillel will be distributed to the employees and their families. To date, we have raised over $25,000 with a goal of $50,000. Please reach out to us personally if you are interested in finding additional ways to be involved in this effort.

As we navigate this unprecedented situation, we continue to be guided by the core values that define our Hillel. As always, please feel free to reach out to staff or student leaders with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Sydney Lewis
Shira Silver
Hillel Presidents, Spring 2020

Rabbi Mike Uram, Executive Director and Campus Rabbi 

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