2023-24 Trager® Certification Training Program

Offered by PMTI in participation with the USTA at
Blueberry Gardens Center for Yoga, Growth, and Healing
237 Ashton Rd, Ashton, MD 20861

Personal Information

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Program Details

I am aware that the prerequisites for this program include:

  • Attending at least one Trager workshop and receiving at least one professional Trager Session.


  • Receiving two or more professional Trager sessions. (Receiving a series of Trager sessions before training can help to make the learning process easier.)

I have read and understood the program’s coursework and fieldwork expectations, and the program’s schedule, and am intending to be present for all of it. If problems arise with attending any portion of the program, I will discuss it in advance if possible with the Program Director and/or Faculty, and make arrangements to make up any class time or content I miss with a member of the Faculty. This may involve additional expense.

Program Costs

Registration Fee of $150 is separate from the tuition and non-refundable. It must be paid by credit card with this registration, or in person at the front desk, or by making other arrangements with workshop coordinator Shannon Cannedy at workshops@PMTI.org

The full program Tuition​ is $6,900. It includes class tuition, membership in the United States Trager Association, the Trager International Handbook, Study Guides, Tragerology learning segments, and Review Videos for each module. There is a $300 discount for recent PMTI graduates (within 2 years), and a $300 discount for registration by July 14, 2023.

Tuition Payment Options:

  • $2300 per module payable on Aug 1, 2023; Feb 1, 2024; and Aug 1, 2024,


  • $435 per month, by automatic debit on the first of the month, for 17 months. This includes 5% carrying cost.

Additional costs may include required books, table and sheets for class and practice, regular access to a computer with internet connectivity, and individually scheduled tutorials and professional sessions. All this may add $2,100 or more to program costs.

Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students have the right to withdraw from the Trager Certification Training Program or any part thereof. If a student chooses not to enroll in, or to withdraw from the program within seven (7) calendar days after submitting this Registration Form, all payments made by the student or on behalf of the student will be refunded, with the exception of the Registration Fee.  If the student has attended classes associated with training during the 7 day period, a rate of $27 per classroom hour will be paid by the student prior to the issuance of any refund. The Program Director shall retain the student’s Registration Fee.

If the student chooses to withdraw from the Program at any point in time after the seven day cancellation period, the refund policy below will be followed. Any and all refunds shall be based on the total contract price for the program and shall be paid net of any charges for books, supplies or equipment charged to the student’s account, as well as any accrued late fees for tuition, delinquent assignments or tutoring. Any interest due will be charged on a per diem basis. The tuition refund that the school shall pay a student who withdraws or is dismissed following the seven-day cancellation period, is as follows:

A refund due a student shall be based on the date of withdrawal or termination and paid within 60 days from the date of withdrawal or termination. The official date of withdrawal or termination of enrollment shall be the student's last day in class as determined by USTA’s attendance records.

If PMTI/USTA cancels a class, segment, or section for any reason, the student may request and shall receive a refund of deposits, fees and/or tuition paid. If any segment of the course must be rescheduled due to public health or weather emergency, the new date for that segment will be announced as soon as safely possible. If any segment of the course is canceled, that portion of the student’s obligations pursuant to this agreement shall be canceled as well. Should the program be discontinued, the school shall refund to any currently enrolled student any monies paid by the student for tuition or fees for the part of the program discontinued.  


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Registration Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided above. Please allow 5 business days for your payment to be processed. Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you do not receive confirmation of your registration within 5 business days, call PMTI’s Front Desk at 202-686-7046, and ask that we check to be sure your registration has been received. 

With my signature below, I confirm that: 

  • I have read and understood the information in this Registration Form.
  • I have completed the form and the Registration Fee payment.
  • I will have completed prerequisites listed above before the start of the Program on August 10, 2023.  
  • My physical and mental health allow me to engage in this training appropriately.
  • I have not had any recent surgery that would inhibit my ability to participate fully in giving and receiving practice sessions. 
  • I am not under the influence of mind-altering drugs of any kind.
  • I do not have a criminal record of violent or sexual offenses.
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