VISION 2050 Consistency Tool for Long-Range Transit Plans

This tool, a resource from the Plan Review Manual, is intended to help integrate VISION 2050 into long-range transit plans and can be used at various stages in the local planning process:

Plan Scoping: Use checklist items as guidance for scoping the extent of plans.

Draft Review: Submit draft plans, along with this tool, to PSRC to help identify potential consistency issues.

System Plan Conformance Review (for Sound Transit): Completing this tool assists PSRC’s review of adopted plans and helps facilitate a positive review. 

Regional Collaboration: Tool responses provide an opportunity to highlight innovative policies and public engagement.

Click here to view a PDF of the tool.

User Guide

This form is split into three sections:
1) Submittal Information. This is where you provide contact information, describe the status of the plan update, and add documents and weblinks for review.
2) Checklist items by Policy Area. Policy objectives are listed with relevant VISION 2050 policy or action references. Please add page or policy references from the plan to demonstrate how VISION 2050 is implemented. (!) = new or expanded emphasis in VISION 2050
3) Discussion Questions. These provide an opportunity to describe more about the planning process and innovative work included in plans or policies.
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