This is the entry form for the Queens of the Crown Special Preliminary to our Regional Pageant. These pageants award 1/2 sashes and prelim-style crowns. The following categories are offered:
Required: Beauty Wear (beauty dress, pageant dress, or formal outfit) 
Optional: Hair/Smile/Eyes (prettiest hair,smile and eyes; cost of $15 and awarded separately); locations, start times, and more details will be emailed to contestants that are confirmed for entry.  Tickets to watch are $9 and include the entire regional show. 
The ages of these events are ages 0-45 babies/girls/teens/miss/ladies and ages 0-9 boys
Titles are as follows: 
Tiny Baby Miss Beauty Winner (ages 0-12 months)
Little Baby Miss Beauty Winner (ages 13-18 months)
Baby Miss Beauty Winner (ages 19 -24 months)
Little Mister Beauty Winner 
Mister Queens of the Crown
Little Toddler Princess Miss Beauty Winner (ages 25-35 months)
Little Princess Miss Beauty Winner (ages 3 years)
Young Princess Miss Beauty Winner (ages 4 years)
Little Miss Beauty Winner (ages 5 years)
Young Miss Beauty Winner (ages 6-7 years)
Tween Beauty Winner (ages 8-9 years)
Preteen Miss Beauty Winner (ages 10-12 years)
Young Teen Miss Beauty Winner 
Teen Miss Beauty Winner 
Miss Queens of the Crown