Mulberry Family Pet Sitters, LLC

Job Application

Pet Care Specialist

Do you have a valid drivers license and can you pass a background check? *
As pet care specialists and dog walkers, our schedules vary week to week and nothing is guaranteed. While it is possible to eventually make a full time living as pet sitter, this is intended to be supplemental income, not your primary source of income. Do you understand and agree? *
Our most popular service is a 30 minute drop-in visit. What we do during a visit varies based off the specific client's needs. Some will just need their litter box scooped and their cat brushed, while some may have several dogs that need to be walked. Each client will give us instructions on exactly what needs to be done each visit. Do you understand that this variability is part of being a pet professional? *
Do you Have your own reliable transportation? *
How far are you willing to travel from your address for pet sitting gigs? *
When are you available to Pet Sit? *
Which of our services would you be able to provide? (Check all that apply) *
May we perform a national criminal background check on you? *

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