The Ellensburg Arts Commission invites artists and organizations to submit a request for funding for art projects FOR 2019 in the City of Ellensburg. All artistic disciplines are welcome to apply for grants between $100 and $2500.

Statement of Purpose
The Arts Commission was created for the purpose of advising the City Council on matters concerning performing and visual arts; to encourage and promote art activities of individuals, organizations, and government agencies in the city, and to formulate and recommend to the City Council an arts advancement program for the city.

Request Guidelines and Information
1) Incomplete forms may delay commission action.
2) One representative from the sponsoring party may be required to give a brief explanation of the project or event at an Arts Commission meeting.
3) The Arts Commission is allowed to disburse funds based upon the following guidelines:

• The funds must be expended for a legitimate municipal purpose (an event or project which benefits the community in accordance to the Arts Commission’s statement of purpose).
• The transaction must be an equal exchange (a tangible benefit to the community for funds spent).
• Funds may be spent to commission or purchase artwork for public benefit or to sponsor performances which are open to the public.

4) The Ellensburg Arts Commission asks that each sponsored project or event acknowledge the Ellensburg Arts Commission by including the Commission logo in publicity and event-related collateral.

Who Can Apply Applicants MUST:
Be an individual artist, group of artists or arts organization in the fields of performing or visual arts

• Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application

• Although not necessary, priority will be given to applicants living within city limits.

Applicants MUST NOT:
• Serve as an Arts Commissioner or be immediate family of an Arts Commissioner (NOTE: In the case that projects are submitted where there is an implied conflict of interest, the associated Arts Commissioner may speak on behalf of the project but is required to abstain from voting.)

The deadline to submit applications is 5 PM October 31, 2018

What We Would Like to Fund
We welcome projects that may include:
• The development of new work
• Arts-related events
• The interpretation of existing work
• The presentation of new work or collection of works
Examples of eligible expenses
• Professional development of an artist (e.g. workshop, conference, residency)
• Rental or purchase of materials that further the applicant's project
• Promotional and marketing materials (i.e. design and printing of posters, flyers, programs, etc.)
Examples of ineligible expenses
• Tuition and cost-of-living expenses for matriculated students in any degree program
• Projects in which fundraising is a primary purpose
• Paid advertising (e.g. newspaper, radio, broadcast tv, social media, etc.)

Public Benefit Requirement
The Arts Commission receives its funds from the City of Ellensburg. Because of this, artists funded through this program must provide some kind of public benefit to the citizens of the City of Ellensburg. The following are examples of services that meet the public benefit:

• Free/discounted admissions to project event: performances, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, readings, etc.
• Free distribution of resources and publications to residents of the city of Ellensburg.

Review Process
Applications are reviewed by the Ellensburg Arts Commission for eligibility, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. The Ellensburg Arts Commission, comprised of seven Commissioners, will select and recommend the most highly qualified projects for funding based on the following criteria:

• Artistic merit, excellence or innovative quality of the project as determined by the Ellensburg Arts Commissioners
• Access and public benefit for the City of Ellensburg
• Artistic excellence demonstrated in the work samples provided
• Feasibility and applicant's demonstrated ability to accomplish the project based on a resume of experience
• Relevance of the funding request and project feasibility demonstrated in the budget.

Award Process
Once accepted, recipients receive funds through reimbursement. To apply for reimbursement a recipient must submit an invoice, originals of receipts, and an IRS W-9 with tax ID or social security number. At project’s end, a final report is required clearly stating how funds were spent and assessing the success of the project. Funds must be spent and invoiced by December 31, 2019 in accordance with the details outlined in the award agreement.
Application Process
There are four parts to this application. Please complete all parts via the online application and press submit. You will receive an email verification that your application was submitted.
Questions - Send an email to - ellensburgarts@ci.ellensburg.wa.us or contact Carolyn Honeycutt at (509) 962-7146.
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What are the expenses related to this project? The total should equal the Total Budget for this Project listed above. NOTE: Some categories may not be applicable to your project.
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Thank you for presenting this proposal. The Arts Commission appreciates your interest and involvement in encouraging the growth of arts within our community.