2022-2023 ASME Congressional Fellowship Applications in Energy, Bioengineering, and Advanced Manufacturing will be accepted from September 15, 2021 – December 15, 2021.

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Who Should Apply?

All Fellowship Applicants must be U.S. citizens and ASME Members at the time of application. Must have Ph.D. or Master's Degree.  Applicants who are in the final stage of obtaining a Ph.D. may apply for the Fellowship. 

The following credentials are encouraged: at least five years of professional experience; advanced engineering degree; professional engineer registration; and public policy experience.

Applications for the ASME Federal Government Fellowship Program are accepted annually from September 15th – December 15th. 

Members interested in applying for a Federal Fellow position must fill out an application and provide the requested documentation.

*Required attachments and reference information are listed at the end of the application.

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Employment History

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Will you be applying for any other fellowships? *
ASME Fellows are required to participate in a training/orientation program during the first two weeks of September 2020. Will you be able to commit to participating in this orientation program? *

Additional Requirements


  1. Statement (please see guidelines below)
  2. A current resume
  3. References (please see guidelines below)
  4. A statement from your employer approving a one-year leave of absence and agreeing to support your remaining salary, fringe benefits, and remaining relocation expenses.  This can be either uploaded as an attachment or mailed/faxed to:

Address to:   ASME Federal Government Fellows Program
Kathryn Holmes, Director, ASME Government Relations
E: holmesk@asme.org


Please provide a statement between 500 and 1000 words describing why you are applying for the ASME Federal Government Fellowship program; how your experiences, abilities, and knowledge of government processes qualify you for a fellowship; your expectations of the program; and any other pertinent information you believe would be of interest to the selection committee. 


The selection committee must receive three confidential letters of reference regarding your technical and professional abilities.  Each letter should evaluate the following:

  1. Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Ability to Work with Others
  4. Technical Abilities

Each reference should pdf their letter and email it to:

Kathryn Holmes, Director, ASME Government Relations
E: holmesk@asme.org


Signature Button *

By selecting the signature button above you are stating that the above and accompanying information is correct to the best of your knowledge.  You give ASME permission to use this information as needed to select the Federal Government Fellows.

All Federal Fellow Applicants, please be advised of the following:                                                   

Training and Orientation
Congressional Fellows must agree to commit to attending a 2 week orientation program starting in September 2019.

Board or Policy Committee Positions

Fellows serving in a board or policy committee position with any organization that conducts outreach or advocacy to policy makers must discontinue such involvement for the duration of the fellowship. 

Working on Federally-Funded Grants and other Research Collaborations or Appointments
Fellows may not be party to any federally-funded grant applications, either as a PI, co-PI, or subcontractor.  If a Fellow is already working on a federally-funded grant, he/she must stop work on the grant for the duration of the fellowship and may not receive funding from the grant during that time.  Fellows involved in other research collaborations or any appointment from which they receive additional remuneration must receive approval from their office/appropriate House or Senate Ethics Committee to continue that involvement.  If the activity is not approved, the Fellow must take a hiatus from such involvement for the duration of the fellowship.



By completing the application, I consent to ASME collecting, processing, reviewing, and transferring personal data relating to me (including first and last name, company name, mailing address, email address and phone number) for the purpose of evaluating my application to the ASME Federal Government Fellowship. I understand this information will be used solely for this evaluation.

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