Our main speciality is printed image cookies where all of the cookies are usually one shape and the same design.
We are focused on printed image cookies & utilizing our high-tech food printers.  Sometimes we can do a 'hybrid' type set of cookies with minimal hand decorated details. I am definitely going to try to steer you towards a printed deisgn. Printed cookies are my passion and we're very good at it :)
Total # of cookies for Quote:
We have graduation packages with limited customization. Please purchase the graduation package directly from the website: https://dallascustomcookies.com/quick-turnaround/ols/categories/graduation
The 2022 Graduation packages allow for the name plaque and school logo to be custom; there will be no icing color changes to any of the other cookies (been there, done that, and now it's more standard in order too keep my sanity.)

We have a new commercial kitchen!
Pickup available by appointment only:
163 Fountain Ct.
Fairview, 75069

If you'd like to place a logo cookie ASAP-- you can order today here: https://dallas-cookies.myshopify.com