SAIS School Community Feedback Survey Registration Form
  • Please review the demographic and survey questions to make sure they are appropriate for your school community before completing this registration.
  • Please complete this form to register for the SAIS School Community Feedback Survey.
  • When the form is complete and submitted with corresponding payment, you will receive a confirmation email that verifies the information provided and important next steps.

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What grade levels does your school serve? *

If the survey coordinator is not the head of school, please complete the following. In that case, the survey results will be sent to both the survey coordinator and the head of school.


For each stakeholder group participating in the survey, please give us your best estimate of how many emails we should expect for each group.
Is your school a member of SAIS? The survey fee for non-member schools is a flat $1,500, regardless of which surveys are deployed. *
Select the appropriate survey versions. *
For the Student Version ONLY, you may choose to use a weblink to the survey instead of student emails. When using a weblink, the school should set aside a day, time of day, or class to allow students to complete the survey in a supervised setting. Teachers or advisors will display the weblink address and students will log in from their device to complete the survey. The survey may be completed on any web enabled device (computer, tablet, or phone). When using this weblink method, we are unable to track which students have or have not responded. *

DEPLOYMENT INFORMATION: The deployment schedule is designed to increase response rates. Please follow the deployment schedule when notifying and reminding your stakeholders. Schools typically deploy the survey for 10-14 days.

SAIS has created several sample notes you can use to send to stakeholders at the initial notification, your reminder, and a thank you note. The sample notes are included in your confirmation email. 

Survey reports will be emailed to the survey coordinator and head of school approximately 14 days after the survey closes. 


Please submit stakeholder email addresses as an Excel spreadsheet with three columns:
Column 1: email address
Column 2: salutation (name you want us to use to address the stakeholder - Dear Bob, Mr. Smith, Parent)
Column 3: stakeholder group (Parent, Student, Faculty/Staff)
Please combine all stakeholder data into one Microsoft Excel file. If your school does not use Excel, please contact us for alternative options. 

For parents: Schools may choose to provide one email per household, or one for each parent. In the case of blended families, please be sure to include at least one email for each household. 
Your school's database may have only one email address per family. The survey system will only send to an address one time and will only allow one response per email address. If you wish to collect responses from both parents, please be sure to include a unique email address for each parent. 

Faculty with students in the school: With separate parent and faculty surveys, you have the ability to choose to include faculty members who are also current parents in one or both of the surveys. If you would like faculty to complete both surveys, please let them know that they will receive one survey to answer from the parent perspective and one to answer from the faculty perspective. If you would like faculty to answer both surveys, please make sure that they are included in both excel files. 


Optional survey add ons

We have created three pre-made survey add ons that are available to add to your survey at no cost. These gather feedback on dining services, uniforms, and faith-based aspects of a school. If you would like to add any of these optional sections, please indicate below. 

Which optional sections would you like to add? Choose all that apply. *

Additional custom survey question fee:
Each additional open ended question, rating/matrix/multiple choice question is $50

Most schools do not add additional questions to the survey. If you decide to add questions, please contact Sheri Burkeen with your proposed questions before submitting this form. 

Do you want to add optional additional questions to the survey? *
Please indicate how many of each question type you would like to add.


At the end of the survey, respondents are redirected to a page of your choosing - most schools direct respondents to their school's web page or a custom thank you page.

By checking below you are certifying that:

  • You are authorized to commit your school to use the SAIS survey instruments.
  • You understand that the data received by SAIS through the surveys is confidential and that no identifying data of survey participants will be shared with you at any time.
  • You understand that data will also not be shared with a third party on your behalf without your specific permission. In such case, no identifying data of participants will be shared.
  • You understand that the SAIS survey instruments, the protocols, the questions, and the reporting mechanisms are the intellectual property of SAIS.
  • No individual from your school or on behalf of your school will replicate any of the survey forms, reports, questions, or other intellectual property owned by SAIS.
  • The school or its agents will not share SAIS intellectual property with those not authorized by the school or by SAIS.
  • You acknowledge that SAIS may use the survey results to conduct research or authorize others to conduct research and studies and may from time to time publish research to inform the industry. Such publications or research will not include identifiable school specific information or data without permission from the school.
  • You have reviewed the survey questions for their appropriateness for your school community. 
Certification and Authorization *