On-Campus Accreditation Workshop Request

Sit back and relax – we'll come to you! If you are a new school undergoing your initial SAIS accreditation, please complete the form below to schedule an accreditation workshop on campus at your school. 

This workshop is engaging and focused on your school's needs and mission. Because of the interactive nature of the presentation, the workshop is best suited for a minimum group size of 6 and a maximum of 24 and in a space that accommodates group work. We recommend that your school's senior leadership attend and faculty/staff who are likely to be heavily involved in the process. 

Cost: A fee of $1,000 to cover travel and administrative costs will be collected via this form. Although actual costs vary based on your school’s location, a flat-fee approach helps all new schools have equal access to these workshops.

Cancellation Fee: Cancellations received after the workshop has been confirmed will incur a fee of $250.

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Pat Cuneo, director of accreditation, at pat@sais.org.


The workshop contains several activities and works best with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 24.
For on-campus accreditation workshops, the SCHOOL is responsible for providing the following items:
  • Food and drinks for participants as needed
  • Meeting space
  • A screen
  • An LCD projector
  • Audio (computer speakers).
SAIS will provide:
  • Presenter
  • Workshop materials
  • Laptop
Please suggest two dates and times below. Times are in the school's local time zone. We will try to accommodate your date / time requests, pending verification of staff schedule.
Workshop Times for Request 1 *
Workshop Times for Request 2 *


1. That the school will provide the equipment and space as listed above.
2. That the school agrees to pay the workshop fee ($1,000).
3. That the school is a new member of SAIS and/or undergoing an initial SAIS accreditation visit.
4. That if the school CANCELS, the school is obligated to a $250 cancellation fee.

We agree to the terms. *