Please complete this form to request participation in SAIS ACCREDITATION.  Details about the process you've chosen can be found in the Accreditation Guidebook.  Please direct questions to:  

Joanne Andruscavage, Director of Accreditation (678) 231-2908

Can we add multiple accreditations into this one visit?
Yes. See the choices below - common co-accrediting partners include regional accreditors (such as Cognia and Middle States), state based accreditors (such as VAIS and FCIS), pedagogical accreditors (such as AWSNA and AMS), or religiously affiliated accreditors (such as ACSI and NCSA). You can also choose modules and endorsements such as SAIS Early Learning and Catholic or Episcopal identity. 

When should we submit this form?
This form should be submitted 18-24 months prior to your school's requested visit date.

Who is the primary contact for our school and SAIS?
The primary contact for your school's accreditation process is your Accreditation Coordinator.  This is the person we will communicate with about all aspects of the process.  You will be asked to provide that person's name and email address on this form.


Grades Served *
Primary Teaching Method (select all that apply)





You choose your own dates, but there are a few things to remember:
1. Visit must be 2.5 days.
2. Fall visits are to occur after Labor Day and conclude preferably before Thanksgiving (NOT during the SAIS Annual Meeting in October - check for dates here:
3. Spring visits are to occur after mid-January and conclude by mid-April (NOT during the Heads Leadership Retreat in April - check for dates here:
4. Note that dates may have to be adjusted to accommodate schedules.
Is your school currently accredited? *
Additional Accreditations, Endorsements, or Self Analysis added to this visit: note that SAIS has many collaborative accrediting partnerships and for AdvancED/SACS, Middle States, and WASC, the school has no additional preparation for the visit outside of following the SAIS process. For other partners, endorsements, or self analysis please check with SAIS for any additional requirements or differing protocols - several of these are items schools have created as additional methods of assessing their adherence to a set of principles outside of accreditation. 
Other accreditations sought (select all that apply) *
Endorsements or Self Analysis sought (select all that apply) *

Attendance at an SAIS accreditation workshop is required.  Will you attend a regional workshop or host one at your school? Check the dates/locations here (also included in the confirmation email after this form is submitted).


SAIS will assign your chair and visiting team members. We try to match these people with your school and with the areas you are currently concerned with in your plans for your future. In the boxes below, address the three topics:

1. briefly describe your school's self-study method (note that there are examples in the SAIS Guidebook);
2. describe or list the sources of valid and reliable data you are using routinely or as part of your self-study (the SAIS Value Narrative Survey is one such source);
3. indicate major areas of school improvement you are working on or think you will be working on - some suggestions are: integration of technology, curriculum, evaluation and professional development, etc. (we recognize that you haven't conducted your self-study yet; we are looking for your best guess).
You are welcome to give SAIS any additional guidance on the desired characteristics of your chair and team (because of potential conflicts of interest, please do not suggest specific names of people and note that you will not have the same team as a previous visit, but we may ask one or two team members to serve again for continuity).
Another way to help SAIS get a deeper sense of who you are and who you want to be is for you to list up to ten schools you consider peer schools. While you won't necessarily have team members from these specific schools, this will give us an ongoing sense of the networks that are already established or that we can help establish that we might not know about. If you are going to list a few schools, please try to list mostly southeastern schools as those are primarily the schools SAIS serves and note that we do not seek team members from schools you would consider competitors. Don't overthink this - you are merely providing additional guidance.
SAIS will assign your chair and team and will take all of your comments into consideration.


Please list the names, titles, and email addresses of any individuals who will need to access the school's information in the Accreditation Portal. 


By submitting this form, I certify that my school agrees to the following:
  • We have read and understood the guidebook.
  • We agree to pay the accreditation fee at this time.  Please note that the accreditation fee does not include attendance at an accreditation workshop.
  • We will send our written response to the standards/indicators to our chair and to SAIS as instructed.
  • We agree to file progress reports as instructed by SAIS.
  • We will be in compliance with all standards/indicators as of the date of the team visit.
We agree to the terms. *
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