SAIS Accreditation | Team Member Participation Form

SAIS accreditation is based on a peer-review process, ensuring the sustained quality of independent education. Serving on an accreditation team is excellent professional development and offers the opportunity to grow as a leader in the independent school community.
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  • Who serves on teams? The SAIS model focuses on a school’s strategic vision for growth and mission fulfillment. As such, team members are selected based on areas of expertise. Those roles typically include heads of school, assistant/associate heads, division heads, CFOs, academic deans, experienced academic department heads, and directors of technology, service learning, global education, admissions, etc.  
  • Timeline: SAIS plans accreditation teams far in advance, so it is likely that if you are asked to serve, it will not be during the current semester.
  • If you have filled out this form previously, you do not need to do so again. Your record remains tagged as a potential team member. You can check this by visiting the My Details page on the SAIS website.
Questions? Joanne Andruscavage | Director of Accreditation | | (678) 255-8903