SAIS School Community Feedback Survey Virtual Presentation Request

This virtual debrief of your school's SAIS School Community Feedback Survey results is presented via a Zoom webinar.

Access Credentials:  After the workshop date is finalized, we will provide access credentials and instructions for participating in the virtual presentaiton. 

Cost:  The fee for the virtual presentation is $400.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Fees:

After the date and time have been finalized, a $75 rescheduling fee will apply if the date/time is changed.

A cancellation fee of $125 will be charged for cancellations.  The balance of the original fee will be refunded. 


For virtual workshops, the SCHOOL will receive a Zoom meeting link. You can either host everyone together in a classroom or office, or you could be in separate locations (up to 20 people can use the same link).
If you host the group meeting, you will need to set up a computer, microphone, screen, projector, and speakers.

Please suggest two dates and workshop times as indicated below. Times listed are in the school's local time zone. We will try to accommodate your date / time requests, pending verification of staff availability.
Workshop Times for Request 1 *
Workshop Times for Request 2 *


1. Pay the workshop fee of $400 below.
2. A $75 fee will be charged to reschedule after the date and time are set.
3. A $125 fee will be charged in the case of a cancellation.
Select below to agree to the terms and workshop fee. *