Audience: academic support professionals

Anticipated # of attendees: 300-325

Location: Emory Conference Center Hotel, 1615 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329

- Booth set-up: 3-4 PM on Sunday, February 11
- Booth tear-down: No later than 12:15 PM on Tuesday, February 13
- Full event schedule

The $925 exhibit price includes:
- a 6'x30" table with one chair (this is a TABLE-TOP show)
- registration and meals for one booth rep (you may add a second rep for $125 at a later date)
- listing on 2024 supporters webpage
- listing in printed conference program
- hyperlink on conference webpage
- hyperlink in one reminder email
- hyperlink in eval email
- logo on welcome slide
- acknowledgement from podium
- exhibitor bingo
- wifi & electricity
- mailing labels of all conference attendees as of January 26
- social media thank you post

Exhibitor Fee: *

Internal Contact

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External Contact

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Company Information

The Fine Print

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Acknowledgement of Risk and Safety Procedures *
Cancellation Policy *
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Hold Harmless Clause *

SAIS Terms of Agreement

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  1. Exhibitor agrees to not schedule any hosted event during the stated program times as provided by association. 
  2. Please note the designated set-up time. Early set-up will incur an additional $100 fee.
  3. Submitting this agreement indicates firm commitment as an exhibitor for the event in accordance with the corresponding fees.
  4. The association and exhibitor agree that the activities contemplated by this agreement have a specific and limited scope and that nothing in this agreement construes/implies the association's approval, endorsement, or referral of any exhibitor product or service.
  5. Exhibitor agrees to comply with all event-related deadlines provided by the association.
  6. The association will provide appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of the exhibitor as specified in the benefits listing.
  7. The association does not guarantee attendance numbers at the event.
  8. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that the association can deny exhibitor's application at any time for any reason at its sole discretion.
  9. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that the association can terminate this agreement at any time for any reason at its sole discretion.
  10. By executing this agreement, exhibitor hereby grants to the association the limited right to use the exhibitor's name and logo(s).
  11. The only permissible uses of any association or exhibitor proprietary property, such as names, trademarks, service marks, logos, or copyrights are as stated in this agreement and any further use requires the prior written approval of the owner of such property.