Thank you for your interest in becoming an SAIS member school. Membership is a multi-step process, in large part because all SAIS member schools also go through accreditation. This form is designed to help us determine if your school meets the basic candidacy criteria. There is no fee for this first step and after reviewing your responses to the following questions, we may invite you to continue to the second step, which includes completing the full form, supplying the supporting documentation, and paying the application fee of $500.   

We will respond to your candidacy criteria self-analysis within 7-10 business days. If you are invited to submit the full application and supporting materials, the full review of your materials takes approximately 10 additional business days. We may request more information if any part of your application is incomplete or unclear, but we will reach out for that information. Thank you again for your interest in SAIS. 


  1. Submission and analysis of candidacy criteria and initial interest inquiry.
  2. Invitation to submit full membership application, required documents, and application fee.
  3. Submission and SAIS analysis of full application and documents.
  4. Confirmation of candidacy status and membership dues payment.
  5. School visit (a previous visit to your school may satisfy this requirement).
  6. Begin accreditation process.
Questions? For questions regarding membership and accreditation,

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Contact Information

Please provide us with your name, title, email address, and best phone number so that we might contact you if there are any questions regarding your application. We will communicate with you regarding this application.

Applicant School Information

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Grades Served

Candidacy Criteria Self-Analysis

For each of the criteria listed below, select yes or no to indicate whether or not you believe your school meets the candidacy criteria. *
Has education as its primary mission
Operates under a governance structure
Has at least two consecutive years of operating experience
Offers an academic program and curriculum that serves at least three successive grade levels across the K-12 continuum
Employs at least the equivalent of one full-time professional faculty member per grade level offered
Has bylaws
Operates under non-discriminatory admissions and employment policies in accordance with state and federal law (provide text in field below)
Matriculates students in a physical plant
Is financially sustainable
Is financed almost exclusively by private rather than public funds
Has articles of incorporation (may be held by a church or other governing authority)
Has an organizational structure that includes separate entities that carry out the distinct functions of governance and day-to-day management
Has a head of school who is not the chair of the governing body.
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Permissions and Agreements

SAIS will contact you after this form is reviewed and may invite you to move to the next step which involves completing the full membership application, submitting documentation, and paying the $500 application fee.
I understand the steps in the process and I am ready to submit the candidacy criteria self-analysis. *