2023 Accreditation
Chair Training
SAIS relies on the expertise of heads of school and senior administrators to serve as accreditation visiting team chairs. Typically, those who attend chair training have served on several teams and been recommended by a visiting team chair.
Chair training takes place in person following the Annual Conference.
  • Tues, October 24 | 12:30-3:30 PM | Atlanta
There is no workshop fee for chair training, but registrations will be reviewed for eligibility before being accepted.

Attendee Information

In Case of Emergency

Please list information below for your emergency contact. Must be someone other than yourself.

Chair Eligibility

CHAIR ELIGIBILITY - Please read and check one of the boxes below to confirm agreement.
If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please contact joanne@sais.org. *

Chair Responsibilities

  • I have served as a team member on an SAIS accreditation visit on at least one occasion.
  • I agree to attend SAIS chair update sessions annually and full chair training once every five years.
  • I agree not to accept chair assignments at schools where a conflict of interest exists.
  • I agree to conduct a preliminary site visit 6-8 months prior to the team visit.
  • I will work with the SAIS staff to assign an effective team.
  • I agree to assist the school in preparing for the team visit (logistics, schedule, etc).
  • I agree to assign each team member specific duties or areas of special attention based on their strengths or areas of experience.
  • I agree to conduct a comprehensive two-hour orientation for the visiting team at the beginning of the visit.
  • I will ensure that the visiting team is familiar with the accreditation process, standards/indicators, guidebook, and visit report template.
  • I will remind the team that the accreditation process is CONFIDENTIAL and is not to be discussed with persons other than the SAIS staff, board, accreditation committee, and/or other members of the visiting team.
  • I will submit the final copy of the report to SAIS within 10 days of the visit.
  • I will complete the post-visit survey and encourage team members to do the same.
Please read the chair responsibilities and check the box below to confirm agreement. *

The Fine Print

Please check the boxes below to confirm that you read, understand, and agree to each statement.
Acknowledgement of Risk and Safety Procedures *
Acknowledgement of Intellectual Property *
Cancellation Policy *
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