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Overnight Position Applying For *
Assistant Camp Director: Making Sure Camp Runs
The Story School Asssistant Camp Director will be shadowing the camp director and sharing in all roles and responsibilities allowing them to step into the various duties and tasks while the camp director is taking on other responsiblitilies.
 - Supervision of all camp positions under the camp director
 - Counselor review and conflict management
 - Camper conflict management
 - Camper check-in, check-out, and registration issues
 - Logistical support to plot, game, and NPC roles (should be willing and able to play camp characters)
 - Supporting the nurse as a healthcare supervisor
 - Preferred candidates are ones with previous camp admin experience, a childlike sense of wonder, and the ability to stay organized in the midst of villain monologues, goblin battles, and camper emotions
Lead Counselor: Role-MODElS not Role-PLAYERS
The Story School Lead Counselors will be focused in one of three categories: Counselor, Logistics, and Curriculum. Each of these lead counselor positions directly reports and supports the admin team of camp and should be rolemodels for what is expected from all counselors.
Counselor-Focused Lead Counselor
     - Ideal Skills: Extensive work with campers/kids of all ages and previous supervisory experience
     - Support all counselors in behavior management, dorm duties, and transitioning between activities
     - Creates and mainstains a break schedule for counselors and works as liasion between admin and counselors
     - Role-models exceptional counselor traits and child management
Logistics-Focused Lead Counselor
     - Ideal Skills: Prior experience as children entertainer and counselor, prior experience with LARP/game design
     - Supports Logistics and game programming including playing monsters, setting up mods, and leading battles
     - Provides QA reports and on the fly adjustments to programming to help with camper engagement
     - Role-models ideal hero-leader and NPC behavior and actions
Curriculum-Focused Lead Counselor
     - Ideal Skills: Prior experience as an educator, organizational skills, prior experience training, extensive experience with lesson planning and STEAM 
     - Designing, Teaching, and Executing STEAM modules at camp
     - Supporting admin staff in training other counselors to run STEAM modules
     - Working with Logistics to incorporate STEAM modules into the game and vice-versa
Logistics Director: The Game Master
The Story School Logistics Director is the "Stage Manager" and "Game Master" for the epic adventures of Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer camp. They are responsible for keeping the game going, making sure all the right creatures are in the right spaces, and adapting the game and story to the autonomous choices of our heroes (campers).
 - Supervision of logistics assistant and monster campers (counselors-in-training playing NPC roles)
 - Review and feedback for Monster Campers 
 - Organization of props and costuming and management of those resources
 - Coordinating live time the game modules and NPC roles
 - Reviewing and writing scripting for the NPCs and game modules
 - Overseeing the setup and adjustment of scenes and modules for encounters
 - Preferred candidates are ones with previous experience with stage management or camp administration and should enjoy roleplaying games, escape rooms, and the beauty in chaos.
CiT Coordinator: The Monster Trainer
The Counselor-in-Training Coordinator helps direct our Leadership and Counselor-in-Training Program for our 15-17 year olds. In this program, our CiTs learn the specific skillsets we use to entertain and educate our campers including: theatrical design, acting, game design, makeup, costuming, camp counseling, mentoring, and teaching. The coordinator for this program will help design and implement the training for the campers using pre-existing programming and support from the admin team. The CiT coordinator will work as a liaison between the admin positions and the CiTs to ensure feedback is delivered in a constructive manner. Prior experience working as a supervisor, camp counselor, and mentor to teens is preferred
 - Supervision of CiTs (monster campers)
 - Act as a mentor and live in the dormitories alongside the campers in your group.
 - Be sensitive to the individual needs of each camper in your group.
 - Be aware of and act on any safety rule violations.
 - Act as a liaison for the CiTs between Logistics Director, Camp Director, and counselors
 - Advocate for and enact protocols to empower CITs
 - Report on and help improve morale for CiTs
 - Facilitate mid-session reviews with Camp Director for CiTs
 - Maintain open communication with supervisors regarding camper behavior, camper needs.
Year-Round Camp Support and Office Assistant:
The Story School Camp and Office Assistant supports our year-round camp director and assists with camp tasks and office roles. The majority of these hours are available remote
 - Making camp sales calls and assisting in recruitment outreaches for campers and staff
 - Using a CRM system to follow up with active camp leads
 - Working directly with camper and student parents providing information and support
 - Helping staff year-round camp activities: workshops, camp fairs, school break adventures
 - Preferred candidates are ones with previous experience with positions at a camp, should be highly organized, and enjoy working with children and parents.
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