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Scholarship Funding is Currently Limited
Greetings, noble heroes of the realm. At this time, our scholarship funding is limited as we have not started our donation drives for the 2023 Season. We are able to offer up to 25% off most of our programs and offerings at this time but will not be able to reward more currently until the start of 2023.
Our amazing Knights of our own round(ish) table are working hard on various fundraisers to renew some more funds before the end of our camp season. In the meantime, you can continue with your application and we will be in touch if we are able to make our fundraising goals.
You can always help us in this by sharing our donation form: Story School Donation Form
Please note that there are other ways to also offset the price of camp, we have a healthy referral program for campers and staff referrals that can help with camp pricing. If you know anyone who would make an ideal campers or staff candidate, fill out this referral form and we will reach out do the rest of the work for you: Story School Referral Form
We continue to fight for our heroes here at The Story School and hope that you will be able to join us!

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How does your child identify ?
How does your child identify ?

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