TSS Sworder Form - 2024 Season

Thank you for ordering your hero's gear with The Story School! Please read carefully through the options to make sure the gear you desire is successfully ordered. If you have any questions about ordering, or the gear you wish to order is not on this form, contact the Sales Director via email at camp@thestoryschool.org or call us at (781) 214-1174. 
Loaner weapon: No camper is required to make any weapon purchase. Any hero without their own weapon is guaranteed a loan weapon (foam short sword) to allow full participation in the adventure.
Foam vs. Latex: please note that all campers will receive safety training to use their foam swords but latex weapons (as they are denser and come to a point) require additional safety training and rules and are not advised for campers under the age of 12.
 - Round foam recommended for all ages
 - Shaped foam recommended for ages 10+
 - Latex weapons recommended for ages 12+
What do you wish to purchase? *
Foam Swords
Secondary Foam Swords
Latex Shields
Secondary Latex Shields
Latex Weapons: *
Secondary Latex Weapons: *
Shaped Foam Weapons: *
Secondary Shaped Foam Weapons: *
All weapons will be shipped to camp and be at registration pickup during your heroes session. Weapons must be ordered two weeks prior to your camper's session. *
Order Total:
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