ESSE Process Webinar
Fine Tune Your Interpreting Skills Training! 

Please complete the form below and follow submission instructions at the bottom of this page.
A separate application is needed for Training and Evaluation.
A separate application is needed for each individual. 
Webinar Training:  Online class is limited to 8 participants.
ESSE Process Webinar (1 hr)  
$20 Early Registration Fee when register >2 days before webinar date.
$25 Registration Fee when register less than 2 days before webinar date.

Interpreter Skills TrainingIn-person training class is 10+ students per class.
Fine Tune Your Interpreting Skills (6 hrs)
$75 Registration Fee

Payment must be included with your application. 
For applications paid by Purchase Order, full payment must be made prior to the date of the training. 
Email a copy of the PO to    
For payment by check, e-mail this reservation form to secure your place and mail the check to:

S.E.E. Center for the Advancement of Deaf Children
P.O. Box 1181
Los Alamitos, CA  90720-1181

Checks must be received 4 business days from reciept of e-mail reservation or your place will be released.  
A $10 fee may be charged for no-shows or if you cancel less than 2 days prior to the event date.
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