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Could my coaching program save you thousands of dollars in RV water damage, contamination and other mistakes? You decide...
Bryan Rosner has owned 6 different RV's since 2017, when he began pursuing mold avoidance. Above you can see three of them (a custom-built RV, a Casita travel trailer, and an ATC travel trailer). You can see photos of Bryan's custom RV build here. A photo of the other RV Bryan owned, the Freedom Express (he owned three of these) can be seen below. 
See a YouTube video about Bryan's RV Coaching Service.
For clients of this service, Bryan will make himself available to answer questions about his experience with RV ownership. Topics of discussion may include: 
- Selecting and evaluating an RV, travel trailer, van, truck cap, or other camping unit
- Techniques to avoid water damage issues (NOTE: no warranty or guarantee is provided)
- Strategies for successfully traveling and living in RV's
- Access to Bryan's documentation on mold-aware RV usage, and his availability to answer questions about these resources.
- Lessons, techniques and best practices for taking delivery of ATC and Casita RV's (among others), including how to talk to the dealerships, and special requests that may be appropriate.
The format for this service will be a question and answer setting. Bryan will NOT provide "comprehensive instructions" for RV ownership. Instead, he will make himself available to answer YOUR questions. Clients are expected to do their own research and make their own decisions, and use Bryan's time to answer their questions. 
DISLAIMER: Bryan is offering his time to discuss RV topics. Bryan is not a doctor or medical professional, and will be unable to answer health-related questions.
Additionally, this service is intended to share Bryan's personal experience only in relation to his ownership of 6 different RV's. Bryan is not certifying or guaranteeing that any particular RV will remain mold-free or water-damage-free. 
Bryan is NOT an RV mechanic or certified RV technician. His information and guidance is based on his own informal, unprofessional experience using RV's.
Operating an RV has inherent risks. Clients are responsible for taking proper precautions when using or operating RV's, and clients assume all responsibility and liability for their own RV usage. 
This image shows one of the three Freedom Express RV's which Bryan owned and used for mold avoidance.
Coaching Benefits & Cost: 
This service includes priority access to Bryan via PM and/or email, and is billed monthly. It is cancellable by either party at the end of each month, there is no committment. Bryan will check his email and/or messages at least once a day, unless he is temporarily unavailable due to vacation or work. It is best to have all your questions ready for Bryan each day, so that he can respond to everything for that day, just one time. 
The service includes access to documentation that Bryan has prepared to help people evaluate, maintain and use their RV. It is recommended that those who are shopping for an RV participate in this coaching service at least a few weeks BEFORE they take delivery of their RV, so they can be ready with important tips, accessories, and protocols that will prevent damage to their RV.
COST: $300 for the first two weeks, $200/mo thereafter for 2 additional weeks. Cancellable by either party, at the end of each 2-week period. No long-term committment.  
Note: This coaching package does not include phone communication. Why? With past clients, I did offer this, and it ended up being very inefficient. Clients would often be overwhelmed and not remember conversations, and end up needing the information emailed to them anyway. Additionally, it became much too burdensome trying to coordinate schedules for a mutually-timed phone call. Rather than raising my rates, I decided to just discontinue phone support, and rather provide everything by email or private message.

Please fill out the following:


Please read the following and check the box below in order to begin Bryan's coaching service. By checking the box, you certify that you have read, understood, and agree to the following:

Do you understand that Bryan is sharing only his own personal, informal, unprofessional experiences with RV ownership? Bryan makes no warranties or guarantees about the safety, mold-resistance, or satisfaction with regard to RV ownership. Client assumes full risk and liability for their own purchases and decisions.

Client has read all of the above webpage. Client understands that Bryan has no formal training in RV maintenance or design. He is simply sharing his informal, personal experiences. Bryan is NOT an RV mechanic or certified RV technician. 

Lastly, client understands that Bryan is not a doctor. Medical advise will not be provided. Please only ask Bryan questions related to his experience with RV ownership.

Bryan cannot answer unrelated questions.
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