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On this page you can purchase my "RV homework documents" which can help prepare you to own an RV for the purposes of mold avoidance. Please read all disclaimers below.
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What is included in these RV documents? The documents will share my tips and strategies for using and protecting RV's during mold avoidance. Including some critical lessons which could save you thousands of dollars. 
The cost is $200 for the documents.
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If you still haven't purchased an RV, I recommend reading my documents WELL IN ADVANCE of your purchase. I spent a month studying RV's and planning for a purchase before actually getting one. Mold-aware RV ownership is very detail-oriented, and with the mental and cognition challenges faced by mold patients, it is much better to have time to read the information, highlight it, and take mental notes. My suggestion is to be able to visualize everything I talk about in the documents BEFORE you actually own an RV.
Background information:
Bryan Rosner has owned 6 different RV's since 2017, when he began pursuing mold avoidance. Above you can see three of them (a custom-built RV, a Casita travel trailer, and an ATC travel trailer). You can see photos of Bryan's custom RV build here. A photo of the other RV Bryan owned, the Freedom Express (he owned three of these) can be seen below. 
Bryan's YouTube Channel contains more info about his mold avoidance journey.
The documents include such topics as:
- Techniques to avoid water damage issues in RV's (NOTE: no warranty or guarantee is provided)
- Notes on traveling and using RV's for mold avoidance
- Lessons, techniques and best practices for taking delivery of ATC and Casita RV's (among others), including how to talk to the dealerships, and special requests that may be appropriate.
- A few critical tips on avoiding RV water catastrophes and one-off terrible events with water systems.
DISLAIMER: Bryan is offering these documents on RV topics as informational documents only. No coaching is included. Bryan is not a doctor or medical professional, and will be unable to answer health-related questions.
Additionally, this information is intended to share Bryan's personal experience only in relation to his ownership of 6 different RV's. Bryan is not certifying or guaranteeing that any particular RV will remain mold-free or water-damage-free. 
Bryan is NOT an RV mechanic or certified RV technician. His information is based on his own informal, unprofessional experience using RV's.
The tips in the RV documents are not necessarily complete or adequate for all users. The information is intended to be supplemental only. Always do your own research on how to operate and use RV's.
Operating an RV has inherent risks. Clients are responsible for taking proper precautions when using or operating RV's, and clients assume all responsibility and liability for their own RV usage. 
Many structures including RV's are highly prone to leaks and water damage, inherent in their design. My documents WILL NOT ALWAYS PREVENT bad things from happening. Instaed, they are simply a few lessons I have learned in my own personal journey. 
By purchasing my RV documents, you acknowledge that you understand this disclaimer. You agree to hold Bryan Rosner harmless in the event of any water damage or undesirable events with your Rv. You also agree to pursue all necessary training and resources pursuant to RV ownership and safe operation. Bryan's documents are not a substitute for reading your RV's manual, following RV best practices, taking needed RV classes or training, or receiving proper instruction from qualified personell on how to safely tow, operate, set up, maintain, and use an RV.
This image shows one of the three Freedom Express RV's which Bryan owned and used for mold avoidance.

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