M4 Camp Returning Staff 2023 Application

Staff positions are available to those only who have a conscientous respect for organization and the need for compliance to rules and regulations that place the welfare of campers ahead of personal interests.
Reference Section
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? *
Have you ever been adjudged liable for civil penalties or damages involving sexual or physical abuse of children? *
Are you currently under indictment or on probation for any crime? *
Do you smoke? *
Do you drink alcoholic beverages? *
Do you have a tattoo that will be visible to campers? If so please describe the tattoo below. *
Camp Dates:  July 1st-21st, 2023.  All staff are required to be there the entire time.
I understand that, even though I have worked for M4 Camps in the past, this does not automatically give me a position on the staff for the year that I am applying. I understand that there are a limited number of staff spots for M4 Camps. All applicants, new and returning, are considered equally when applying for camp. *
I want to participate in this ministry and am certain that I will be available for all dates.  We do not hire anyone that is not available for ALL dates.  We will not be making exceptions this year.  The dates to be available are July 1st-21st, 2023. *
If I am hired and sign a contract with M4 Camps, I consider my signature and my word binding.
By checking YES below, I affirm:
1.  I am committing to be a staff member for the full time of camp (July 1st-21st, 2023).
2.  I am a professing follower of Jesus Christ and am striving to live a godly life.
3.  If employed I will enter into the spirit of the camp and submit to camp authority, remembering to put other staffers' and campers' needs before my own.
4.  I understand that actions in my daily life should reflect a Christlike example and attitude.  A lack of integrity in this area can be cause for removal from a staff position.  
5.  I have completed this application truthfully and further give my permission for M4 Camps personnel to confer with the references listed in this application and to run criminal background checks on my name if hired.
By checking yes, I am agreeing to the above statement. 
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