2021 M4 Camps Online Registration

2021 Camp Dates (Choose your dates below)
July 5-7 (space avail)
July 7-9 (FULL)
July 9-11 (FULL)
July 11-13 (FULL)
July 15-17 (FULL)
July 17-19 (FULL)
July 19-21 (space avail)
July 21-23 (very limited space avail)
Choose the dates you would like to register your group in.

Someone from M4 Camps will call, email, or text you to verify the dates of your camp. It's important that you have your backup dates in place, due to demand of spots for camp. We will do our best to enlist your church in your top choice(s).  You cannot choose the same date for both choices. *
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