OUT For Business LGBTQ2 Youth Entrepreneur Program - Call for Mentors

Do you have a passion for entrepreneurship? Are you looking to support young LGBTQ2 entrepreneurs as they start or grow their own business? Do you identify as LGBTQ2? If so, the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) needs your help.
The CGLCC's “Out For Business Program” is an initiative specifically for LGBTQ2 youth interested in entrepreneurship. This year-long program enables LGBTQ2 young entrepreneurs (aged 18-39) to grow confidence and competence in building a successful business through knowledge transfer, increasing resiliency and social capital (connectedness), skill development, and strategic networking opportunities facilitated within a supportive LGBTQ community environment.
We are now accepting applications from LGBTQ2 entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in becoming a mentor for a young business owner. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please complete this form by March 31, 2020.

Mentor Application

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Requirements / Agreement

Do you agree to the requirements for participation as laid out below? *
To participate in the program, you must:

• Participate in a full day orientation session (date to be confirmed)
• Be a member of the LGBTQ2 community and be willing to be identified as LGBTQ2 and publicized
• Have business experience, preferably in running a small business/enterprise or holding a senior role in a
    corporate business environment
• Agree to complete a MENTOR Profile Form
• Be prepared to commit for a 12-month period
• Ensure commitments of the Mentoring Agreement are fulfilled