Please indicate you level of comfort and experience with the following procedures:
(this is only for our knowledge to have an idea of where you are starting from)

Dog Spays

Dog Spay Comfort Level *
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Dog Neuters

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Cat Spays

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Cat Neuters

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Two-Week Rotation Registration

Please click on the link below to sign up for available dates. We ask that you spend two weeks with us, including at least one Saturday during your rotation.
Once you have registered for your rotation, you are set! We will contact you in the month prior to your visit with important information and links to videos and other helpful resources.
Affiliate agreement links need to be emailed to:
Evaluation forms will be completed by the Doctor overseeing your rotation, which will be assigned about a week prior to your externship start date.
Veterinary Extern MOU

Participation in the Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center Veterinary Externship program will be contingent on agreement to the rules and regulations of the facility. Violation of these will be grounds for program dismissal.

By signing below, the student agrees to the conditions of the Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center's Externship Program and that all information provided is true and accurate. *