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Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Spots will ONLY be held with a deposit. Official registration is only upon receipt of payment, entry information with our on-line registration. All media captured at events becomes the property and copyright of the organizers Inspire Dance Challenge Inc. & Competition Wizard Media for use at their sole discretion without royalty in perpetuity. Dance and related sports are athletic activities with inherent dangers of injury by virtue of participation. All participants indemnify Inspire Dance Challenge, the event organizers, staff and other participants from any harm or liability as a result of your participation. Upon entering Inspire Dance Challenge, it is agreed that teachers, competitors, competitors’ parents, and relatives will not hold Inspire Dance Challenge directors, employees and all involved in the competition responsible or liable for any damages, loss or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused, to either spectators or contestants. Dancers participate at their own risk. Contributions to cash, trophies, clothing, and other awards is for 40-50% of all registrations. Under the Canadian Goods and Services Act (GST) an award is not subject to HST. Registration fees are subject to HST for the balance that is not for awards. I give expressed consent for electronic media communications from INSPIRE DANCE CHALLENGE INC. in accordance with the CASL. *
I (named above) have authorization to bind the business represented as applicant on this form, and further agree to the terms and conditions and Rules and Regulations for Inspire Dance Challenge. *