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Grand Rapids Public Schools is excited to announce the launch of two new college & career-focused academies at Ottawa Hills High School next school year!
We are accepting applications now for the Academy of Public Safety Services and the Academy of Media Production. Both academies will prepare students for careers in these fields by blending the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum with hands-on experience.
Apply today to join the first class of students in these new academies!
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Academy of Public Safety
Academy of Media Production
Academy of Hospitality & Tourism
Early Middle College Program

APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR ALL THEME SCHOOLS is February 28, 2019. As the Grand Rapids Public Schools, our obligation first and foremost is to those that live within our boundaries. The following factors are considered first in placing students:

  1. K-5 students living within the neighborhood boundary of the theme school to which they are applying

  2. Grand Rapids residents with a sibling currently attending the applied for school (does not include test-in schools)

  3. Grand Rapids residents, regardless of the school they are currently attending

  4. Children of GRPS employees who reside within the GRPS boundaries

  5. Non-residents currently attending a GRPS school

  6. Non-residents with a sibling currently attending the applied-for school (does not include test-in schools)

  7. Children of GRPS employees who are non-residents

  8. Non-residents with a sibling currently attending any GRPS school

• Late applications will be accepted but are
subject to a waiting list.
• An application is ineligible until all requested
documents have been received.
• If your student is not selected for their 1st,
2nd, or 3rd choice, they will automatically be
placed on a waitlist for their 1st choice.
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The Grand Rapids Public Schools is an Equal
Opportunity Institution – F/M/V/D.

If you need special accommodations due to
disability, please contact the Equal Opportunity
Office at 1331 Franklin, SE, P.O. Box 117,
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0117 or call 819-2035
(TDD 1-800-649-3777) prior to the meeting.

If you speak a language other than English
and need interpretation/translation services,
please contact us at 819-2129.
Advance notice will enable us to better
accommodate you.
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Grand Rapids Public Schools collects information about the race and ethnicity of students applying to the district's theme schools. Responding to the questions in this section is optional and will not affect your child's chances of being selected for a theme school.
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